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Press and Information Office

The Press and Information Office (PIO) is a department of the Ministry of the Interior, which has been assigned the responsibility of interpreting and implementing government policy on matters of publicity and mass communications.
Its main mission is to enlighten the international community on the Cyprus problem as well as to provide immediate and accurate information to the Cypriot people on the government work, development plans and the statements and activities of government officials. The promotion of the positions of the Cyprus Republic and of the image of Cyprus, both locally and abroad, is done by the PIO through the use of modern media and communication methods, the production of print and audiovisual material and the close and constant contact with Cypriot and international mass media.
For more information about the work, activities, mission and role of the Press and Information Office you can visit our website (http://www.moi.gov.cy/pio) which is updated on a daily basis.


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