Time Period
Specific Date


You can search the archive using only a date or a date and some key word/s. It must be noted that for search purposes dates achieve 100% accuracy in the results.
If you use a key word without a selected time period the engine will search the entire press releases archive, and that might result in a small delay.
The advanced search option allows you to retrieve the information you are looking for easily. Simply put a key word in the advanced search box and select either a particular date or a time period.
If your search does not bear results or the desired results you should re-try the particular word you are interested in but omit some characters. For instance, if your search of the word ‘Makarios’ did not come up with sufficient results you should try ‘Makar’ so that the engine would track down more hits. This is mainly due to the distinctness / quality of the printed press releases.
As regards searching with key words it must be clarified that the distinctness of the print out of the original press releases, on which their digitisation was based, is not the best possible. Consequently you might encounter a minor shortfall in the search results.


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